Places to Dive in Saint Lucia

Scuba St Lucia

Do you love scuba diving? The Caribbean is definitely one of the “must” places to dive, whether you head to Saint Kitts or Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia has become one of the most popular Caribbean destinations for diving, weddings, and travel. You will want to try more than five locations while you are in Saint Lucia for those who love to dive. Awaiting you will be wrecks, coral reefs, and numerous underwater delights.

There are dive packages that include boat and night dives. You can decide to stay at a resort consisting of a dive package or find a different dive place. For all levels of divers, Saint Lucia can ensure you have a great time. The dive sites discussed here are for the open water diver, but there are more advanced locations if you have more skill or wish to hire a divemaster to tour the deeper depths.

Anse Cochon North and South Reef is a novice-level dive location. It should be on your list if you are an open water diver. You will dive 40 feet down to see the Virgin Cove Reef before moving on to the South Reef, which is 30 feet maximum. Expect to see seahorses, shrimp, turtles, eels, octopus, scorpionfish, and more hiding along the coral reef.

Anse Chastanet is another novice dive location where turtles and trumpetfish love to hang out. This dive site has 15 to 60-foot depths. The shallow end is great for beginners, while the 60-foot depths are great for the more advanced divers.

Bird Rock is not only a place for birds to congregate but a launching point for scuba diving. Here are sloping walls, with coral and boulders. You will want to be careful because the maximum depth is 60 feet. Eagle rays and stingrays swim by often.

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