Restaurants in St. Lucia & Rodney Bay

Restaurants in Rodney Bay and St Lucia

If dining out is an important part of your vacation, then St Lucia is the island for you. There are so many options ranging from high-end restaurants to inexpensive local eateries. If you plan to dine out a lot on your vacation, it is probably ideal to stay at one of the villas on the island rather than an all inclusive hotel. Akasha villa is the best villa on the island and the concierge there will advise you on lots of great places to eat.

Most of the quality and travel-friendly restaurants are in the northern part of the island, but there are also several in the southern part of the island. It is probably a good idea to decide whether you will be wanting lunch or dinner. If you prefer lunch then an exceptional option is to combine it with a boat trip if you are staying in the north of St Lucia. This trip takes you from one end of the island to the other. You can spend time diving and snorkeling and the boat will stop for lunch at one of the restaurants on the way. There are several available, both formal, informal and local, the choice is yours. This is a good way to see the island and try out different places. Soufriere, is a favorite to stop and dine. Not far away is Sugar Beach resort with its high-end villas. If you prefer to chill more then take a BBQ with you on the boat and just anchor at one of the many beaches.

If you prefer dining out in the evening, you can choose from many different types of restaurants. Most of the restaurants are in and around Rodney Bay. There are quiet romantic places and more livelier spots where you can dine and enjoy the different kinds of music. Most of the restaurants have patios with outdoor seating so it is very enjoyable to eat out under the stars.

Rodney Bay

In Rodney Bay, you can choose from International, Italian, Chinese, Indian restaurants. There is also a French Restaurant, a steak restaurant and several fish restaurants. If you prefer a beach setting for dinner, then Spinnakers is the best beach restaurant. You can sit and watch the sunset and relax while you enjoy your drinks. Most of the restaurants have a bar area where you can enjoy a glass of wine or a local beer or try out one of the many cocktails.

If you prefer to try local food, then there are lots of options. you can try a roti at one of the local bars or try the street food at the ‘Jump up’ in Gros Islet on Friday nights. This is a large street party where you can get barbecued chicken, corn and fish and also enjoy the local atmosphere and music. There is also a restaurant in Gros Islet called Flavours of the Grill which serves delicious local dishes – well worth a visit.

Pigeon Island Restaurants

Close to Gros Islet is Pigeon Island which has a wonderful small restaurant called Jambe de Bois. It is next to the water and is full of character. It has a book swap and lots of local maps, which you can buy. There is a display of local art work on the walls and these can be purchased too. You can walk through the park along the waters edge to get to the restaurant. It serves good food at reasonable prices and at the weekend they usually have live music. If you are there during the day, the park is full of history and worth exploring. You can take a walk up to the fort where the views are spectacular and then have lunch in the restaurant. There are also several local bars and restaurants just by the entrance to the park and there is a beach right there – keep the kids entertained.

High End Dining – St. Lucia

If your choice is to dine in more elegant surroundings, then St Lucia has several world class restaurants. Tao at Le Sport hotel is one of the best. Conde Nast named it as one of the 60 hottest tables in the world. It describes the menu as a fusion of Eastern, Caribbean and Western cuisine. The food is excellent and the menu changes regularly. There is a small bar where you can have pre dinner drinks before you sit in the restaurant which has lovely views of the Caribbean Sea. The restaurant is set in an open air balcony which catches the cooling breeze. If you are in the southern part of St Lucia then Ladera hotel has a lovely restaurant called Dasheene. The views from the restaurant are spectacular. The chef uses locally grown food and puts his own interpretation on local dishes.

As you can see dining out in St Lucia has so much to offer, whether you want to splash out on a special treat,take in the local food and atmosphere, or just relax watching the sunset. Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.

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