Rodney Bay Changes

Its surprising how much has changed near Akasha, St Lucia’s premier villa for families – all these changes have made the St Lucia experience richer. When you are part of the scene you don’t notice the changes as they typically happen slowly. So we thought we would update our friends and guests with some of the changes that have happened in the last two years.

Let’s start with the restaurant scene – several new ones have opened up. Spice of India, Jade Garden (Chinese), Xaviers (French/International), Jacques (French) on the waterfront, and Trios (Caribbean Fusion) in Bay Garden Hotel have all created a new buzz for diners. Thankfully some of our old favorites are still there – Spinnakers, Big Chef and Fire grill.

For those on a more modest budget KFC has re-opened, the Jerk Pit has moved, the Lime has been renovated.

With bars in mind, an Irish pub has replaced one of the restaurants, Tequilla Joe’s is a huge sports bar on 3 levels (old Castaways location) and Happy Day bar has reopened.

Shopping wise the Baywalk Mall is in full swing with the Casino as the main attraction. There are several small eateries inside the this mall. Not to be outdone the JQ mall has been renovated and it looks great. Here the shops have gone upmarket and the food court has undergone a total revamp. For those on a budget this offers good local and international food. Both malls have duty free shops offering clothing and jewellery from top brands.

When guests stay at Akasha, St Lucia’s most exclusive villa rental then all of these restaurants, shops and bars are only a 6 minute taxi ride away. We will happily arrange the transport so you can relax and not worry about having an extra glass of wine or unfamiliar roads. This is all part of the beauty of renting a luxury villa which offers families the perfect combination of accommodation and activities for all.


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