Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club Hosting Pitons Cup

Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club

For horse racing fans, St Lucia has become even better than before. The Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club will host the Pitons Cup, worth $150,000. The races are the first at the club. Visitors can book their trips now to enjoy the December 13th races. The date is also St. Lucia’s National Day; thus, visitors will be able to enjoy more than just horse racing on their December trip.

The turf club gained the new facilities to be able to host public racing events in a more modern, more beautiful location. The racetrack is part of the Pearl of the Caribbean development under the China Horse Club, owned and run by Teo Ah Khing.

The Pitons Cup is one and an eighth-mile and is named for the island’s mountains. The cup is similar to the Pegasus World Cup, which is hosted at Gulfstream Park.

Horse owners can purchase a slot for $20,000. The funds go into the purse. The slot also ensures the owners receive a three-year-old horse in training, who can run at the $20,000 Helen of the West Stakes. The horses are located in Florida. Brandon and Alexandra Rice are raising them according to the Turf Club president.

The Prime Minister stated he is happy for the international racetrack and the Pitons Cup event. Allen Chastenet hopes the track will bring more world travelers, those who come for the races and those who have never been but want to experience the island entertainment.

The Pitons Cup is a launch into thoroughbred racing, which the government supports. The races are part of the Chinese Equine Cultural Festival. The CHC, China Horse Club, has been behind several events including Singapore’s Kranji and Inner Mongolia’s Ordos racetrack.

Horse racing is just one more reason for visitors to come to the island.

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