Rum Punch at St Lucia’s Luxury Villa Rental

The islands in the Caribbean are well known for their rum punches and St Lucia is no different. Here, in St Lucia, you will find Chairmen’s Reserve a super rum of which there is only a limited quantity produced every year. Now you can find this in the Spicy variety – a great addition to their family.

When you stay at Akasha, St Lucia’s Premier Villa Rental you can use the cocktail mixer to create a great rum punch. Here is the recipe;
Serves 10 to 12
3 cups orange juice – preferably freshly squeezed
3 cups pineapple juice – can variety is best
1 cup lime juice – available from our garden
a healthy pinch of cinnamon
a healthy pinch of nutmeg
6 generous shakes of angostura bitters
2 1/2 cups dark or light rum – Chairmen’s or the Spicy variety
grenadine syrup
1 1/4 cups simple syrup

In a large bowl or pitcher, mix together juices, spices, bitters and rum. Add grenadine syrup until the punch reaches the color of a flaming sunset, if in doubt about the colour take a look out of the kitchen window and match the colour of the sunset. Grenadine syrups differ in sweetness, so add the syrup after this point and taste along the way to make sure it’s to your taste.

Now if you are really adventurous you could serve this over crushed ice. Alternatively just leave in the fridge for a few hours and then serve over ice.

If you are not the Barman of the year why not ask Juliette to make this for you – she always adds her secret ingredients which she wont tells us but it gives the punch one hell of a kick!

The punch is best enjoyed by the pool at sunset time – heaven or paradise, chilling at its best.

When you are out and about in the bars around Rodney Bay Marina, just a few minutes drive away from St Lucia Best Villa Rental, feel free to ask for their version – they have their own personality, just like the barmen.

So when you stay at St Lucia’s Premier Villa Rental Akasha, you can either do it yourself or get our team to help out. All part of the all inclusive options that are available when you book direct with the owners.

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