Saint Lucia And The Royal Visit

Saint Lucia and the royal visit

Britain has a long history with Saint Lucia, and not all of it is remembered as a “good time.” When both the French and British discovered Saint Lucia was already an island with residents. Like other places around the world, Britain attempted to take control of Saint Lucia and claimed ownership for several decades. The British arrived in the 17th century and finally gained the island from the French in 1814. For Saint Lucian families, this history is not always remembered with affection. In fact, there are still many on the island who are related to people taken from the island and sold into slavery.

These family members believe Britain still owes Saint Lucia and other Caribbean islands residents for taking islanders for slavery. Aaron Alexander is one man who wishes to hold a peaceful protest during the royal couple’s visit.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex are traveling around the Caribbean now, visiting several islands. They plan to see Saint Lucia as part of their celebration of the Queen’s recent birthday.

Aaron Alexander asked for a peaceful protest like the ones in the Grenadines and St Vincent. The banners on these islands read “Compensation Now” and “Britain, your debt is outstanding.” Aaron Alexander believes it is time to remove the Queen as the “head of state” for the Caribbean islands.

Alexander believes nothing has changed economically with the Queen being the head of state. Alexander has asked for protestors to meet from 2 pm to 3 pm on the day of the royal arrival. However, Alexander will need permission to hold the event. At this time, it is unknown whether the government of Saint Lucia will allow the demonstration.

Alexander is just one voice on Saint Lucia. There are clearly others on other Caribbean islands who believe more than an apology is needed regarding the history of slavery.

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