Saint Lucia Announces Investment in Youth

Saint Lucia Announces Investment in Youth

Countries around the world know how important it is to invest in young people. It isn’t just about education, healthcare, employment, or housing for citizens; it is also about ensuring today’s youth have a strong foundation. Saint Lucia is proactively ensuring today’s youth have what they need to advance.

According to the CIP, Citizenship by Investment Program, Saint Lucia has kept pace with development not only economically related but also to help youths find jobs by ensuring young new workers can find jobs on the island.

Employment rates are up despite the economic challenges Covid presented. There are also several projects to help increase tourism. The increase in this infrastructure is ensuring the youth on the island can join various industries. It is not just about tourism, including service and hospitality. There are also jobs like architecture, broadcasting, and banking.

Hyatt is one of the companies on the island that brought at least 2000 jobs in construction, management, and operations. Youths who want to have financial independence have the opportunity to find employment.

A local citizen, Mathurin, is one such young person who has benefited from the island youth program and CIP specifically. In fact, Mathurin is helping to ensure CIP can help other young professionals to find investments to get their businesses started.

Much of the work is for investment in youth from a monetary perspective. Entrepreneurs can gain funding, while other companies can gain investments to help hire young people.

CIP is about getting investors to help the island with diverse investments that can help companies expand overseas. Applicants need to apply and show why they should be supported for their ideas.

CIP is just one way for younger generations to have a chance in Saint Lucia and can lead to global applications.

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