Saint Lucia Attractions


Ready to enjoy Saint Lucia? Have you discovered some of the best places to visit while on the island? Saint Lucia offers a range of historical, cultural, and natural entertainment. Morne Fortune is one.

Morne Fortune is the remnants of a fort built in 1803 and used until 1844. The British established the capital, Castries, which was a major naval port at the time. To fortify their position and keep the island from falling back into French hands, they created Morne Fortune. The fort overlooks the harbor from the mountain. Unfortunately, a brutal battle took place at the fort between the French and British. Morne Fortune translates as “Hill of Good Luck,” and today, visitors can walk around the fort, the historic home, and overlook the harbor. On great days, you can see Martinique. Among the buildings are military structures, the monument for the battle, and cannons. On the north side is the Government House, which is still the Governor General’s official residence.

Derek Walcott Square is a great starting point for walking the capital. Besides Morne Fortune, the most famous landmark is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The cathedral was erected during the Victorian era with Romanesque and Italian features, including the Italian clock tower. Another building to visit is the public library restored to its original beauty—plenty of colonial buildings with verandahs complete the visage.

While in Castries, you will want to walk through the market. Even if you don’t have a kitchen to use on your holiday, you can see a bit of local life. Merchandise at the market includes hand-grown vegetables and fruits and numerous handmade goods like batiks and woodcarvings. Visitors can buy gift baskets of spices, oils, and typical tourist souvenirs at the market. Be aware the busiest day at the market is always Saturday, with the most vendors and shoppers.

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