Saint Lucia Beaches


Do you love the sand between your toes? The warmth beneath your body as you soak up the sun? Saint Lucia has more than one beach, and you will need to figure out which ones are the best for your holiday on the island. Saint Lucian beaches are known for their white sand and clear water. You will love the views with a lush landscape as the backdrop and the Gros Piton rising over the sea.

Sugar Beach, known to the locals as Jalousie, is the best beach for baking in the afternoon sun and viewing the splendor of the Gros and Petit Pitons. These twin peaks rise above the sea, offering a verdant forest to explore. Jalousie beach sits between the two mountains, and it is known for its white sand. It is no wonder that one of the island resorts is known as Sugar Beach.

Grand Anse Beach is the best for turtle-watching at the correct times of the year. Sea Turtles will come close to the beach, even onto the beach at certain times, and lay their eggs. Sure, you might come for the sand and saltwater, but the turtles will make this the best place to see the endangered leatherback turtles. They are the most giant turtles in the sea, and you definitely need to give them their space from March through August. These beautiful creatures need privacy to lay their eggs and return to the sea to ensure their lives continue.

The last beach to discuss is Reduit Beach. It is the best for families. There are numerous amenities, and it is in the heart of Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia. With beach shops, restaurants, and rental equipment, you will not lack for anything while on this beach.

There are more than three beaches on the island, but you want to make sure you get to these top three.

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