Saint Lucia Changes Arrival Protocols for Safety

Saint Lucia Changes Arrival Protocols for Safety

Covid-19 numbers are fluctuating as more strains appear. The UK has already seen three new strains of Covid-19, which impact how the virus transmits. The US is still trying to get vaccines to older generations and essential workers. Death tolls continue to increase. Saint Lucia is concerned for its citizens and wishes to ensure full safety protocols are in place. To do this—the Ministry has changed arrival protocols for international visitors. Before February 10, 2021, a traveler could show a straightforward Covid-19 test conducted 7 days before arrival. Now, Saint Lucia requires a test within 5 days of travel. This test protocol applies to all people five years and older.

A Travel Registration Form must be filled out and part of the travel documentation. The form is accessible on Saint Lucia’s government website. All safety protocols must be followed while travelers are on the island. This includes the wearing of masks in public places.

All travelers are subject to mandatory screening and temperature checks at all entry ports and throughout their stay. Visitors will need to take certified taxis to their Covid-19 approved resort/hotel.

Dominic Fedee, minister of tourism, stated, “to co-exist with Covid, we must evaluate our safety and travel protocols. All factors affecting the health of Saint Lucians and international travelers” are considered as “we tighten testing based on current conditions.”

Saint Lucia has consistently had one of the lowest outbreak numbers. The island reacted quickly to a travel shutdown when the virus first became apparent around the world. Over summer, when traveled resumed, strict rules applied. While cases appear on the island, the numbers are low, and travelers are sent home when they are apparent they are affected.

This enables Saint Lucia to remain open for tourism and to help economic stability remain.

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