Saint Lucia Food Tours

St Lucia Food Tours

Saint Lucia offers a diverse cuisine due to the mixture of cultures on the island. Saint Lucian history shows Arawak Indians first settled the island circa 200 A.D. before the culture gave way to the Caribs. Eventually, French and British settlers arrived, causing battles between the two nations until the fighting ended with the British Commonwealth in charge. Today, ethnicity is mainly linked to black or African descent; however, Carib, French, and British influences are seen in the cuisine.

Consider joining a food tour to get the most from your trip to Saint Lucia. Several tours take you around the island to discover the various flavors.
Project Chocolate is a tree-to-bar experience where you see how the beans are processed into chocolate. Saint Lucia food and rum tour is guided and has a private driver to take you to various restaurants on the island.

By taking tours, you can discover the traditional dishes of Saint Lucia. A national dish is Green Figs and Saltfish. It is made with salted cod, green bananas, and local vegetables and spices. Bouyon is a traditional soup usually containing lamb, pork, beef, saltfish, sweet potato, yam, carrots, or pumpkin.

While on the foodie tours, remember to enjoy traditional snacks like fish cakes, breadfruit, and Caribbean bakes. Bakes are often flour, brown sugar, yeast, baking powder, and salt with stuffing. In addition, you might find a stuffed bake with cheese, chicken, or sausage. Banana bread is also considered a popular dessert on the island.

Of course, if you want to experience French and British cuisine, you can also find those on your tour. Many resorts also serve British cuisine, including full breakfasts with eggs, sausage, bacon, and fruit. In short, there is something for everyone to enjoy when on a food tour in Saint Lucia.

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