Saint Lucia Free of COVID-19

Saint Lucia Free of COVID-19

Like many islands, Saint Lucia tried to protect their shores and stopped travel. Unfortunately, the virus did arrive through a traveler. On Wednesday, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George used YouTube to make an announcement regarding the fifteen infected individuals on the island. All fifteen have recovered. Dr. Sharon is the Chief Medical Officer for the island.

Belmar-George stated all positive cases of COVID-19 showed full recovery, and two potential cases remaining tested negative to the virus. The two people were in isolation until their tests came back, but they are no discharged and safe. This makes Saint Lucia 100% free of COVID-19, and they hope to remain that way.

The patients infected were different in ages, including a few who had immunocompromised systems.

However, the island is not yet open for tourism. There is still a curfew that begins at 7pm and ends at 5 am each day. The curfew is one way the islanders are working to ensure the virus does not spread. They also closed non-essential businesses, placed hefty travel restrictions, and closed schools.

Health officials are asking for all residents to maintain safety measures, including wearing masks in public. They are also requesting an awareness of hygiene to prevent further spread.

What does this mean for tourism? For now, like most of the world, travel is restricted. But, Saint Lucia looks forward to the day when they can see their visitors return. They are thankful for the support of the tourism industry. They will have a ways to go to recover from the shutdowns causing temporary economic turmoil. They are very thankful for repeat travelers who enjoy their island each year and hope newcomers will also discover the wonders once tourism can reopen.

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean Island nation with plenty of soul, including their famous Jazz Festival, that will be rescheduled.

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