Saint Lucia Gluten-Free Friendly?

Saint Lucia Gluten-Free Friendly?

Traveling can be difficult for those suffering from significant food allergies, including wheat and gluten. Most wheat flour contains gluten, which makes most people with allergies allergic to both. However, plenty of nut flours act the same in cooking to help those with a gluten allergy avoid gluten. It is more difficult for people allergic to wheat since wheat can be in almost anything, not just as flour but as an additive to spices, cereals, and more.

Some places are more friendly to allergies than others. For example, visiting Texas, one is unlikely to find restaurants or hotel breakfasts geared toward allergies. Thankfully, Saint Lucia is a better choice for a holiday. At least thirty-four restaurants are offering gluten-free options.

Spice of India – offering Indian and Asian cuisine, this restaurant cooks mainly with rice and rice flour.

Pink Plantation House – Caribbean and seafood-related, Pink Plantation House provides gluten-free options on its menu. Just don’t go there if you have a fish or shellfish allergy.

Jade Mountain Club is another option for Caribbean and seafood-related cuisine. However, both Pink Plantation House and Jade Mountain Club are on the pricier side.

Jacques Waterfront Dining provides French and Caribbean cuisine with a beautiful sea view.

Nothing is easier to eat when you have wheat allergies than steak since you know beef will be completely free of allergens. Big Chef Steakhouse ensures a gluten-free experience with various steaks, potatoes, and other side dishes to go with the meal.

Rabot Restaurant is a Caribbean and International restaurant offering fantastic views, gluten-free cuisine, and many local flavors.

Our last choice for gluten-free friendly dishes is Trysting Place which offers French and European cuisine. With an intimate setting at Rendezvous Resort, you are assured of finding something to eat that will not create issues with your allergies.

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