Saint Lucia Hiking

St Lucia Hiking

Gorgeous views, scuba diving, snorkeling, and beaches are just four of the fantastic elements that make Saint Lucia one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. Hiking the lush hills, which add to the views, also adds pleasure to one’s trip. Hiking up the mountain takes travelers to a place they can have a nearly 360-degree view of Marigot Bay, the Caribbean Sea, and incoming vessels.

Many of the hotels and services in Saint Lucia offer a travel guide for hikers who do not wish to go alone. Marigot Bay Resort and Marina is one location you can hire their fitness person to walk the path. At this hotel, the fitness professional goes each Thursday morning. He will take a ferry across the bay and start the trek.

Whether you decide to hire someone to take you around or go alone, you can enjoy the Marigot Ridge Climb, where hummingbird’s nest, see papaya trees growing, and several other local birds. Numerous photo opportunities exist with the marina as a backdrop and even many of the little shops, homes, and resorts.

Hikers can take a short break or have a sack lunch prepared, and enjoy the views while dining. A ferry will be running to help guests get back to their accommodation. Many guests who elect to go will take 10,000 steps, just hiking the beautiful hills.

The trek begins with a mossy wooden gate denoting the way up the hill. Chicken Rock is the next beautiful spot to stop and get a few pictures. It is also the best place to turn around if the hike feels too strenuous. Once you reach the top and have fun enjoying the views, you will return through the forest and see La Bas Beach and the ferry dock to bring you back to the main island area.

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