Saint Lucia Joins GOSL In Citizenship Restrictions Against Sanctioned Russians

Saint Lucia Supports Ukraine

Saint Lucia is one of a few islands in the Caribbean that decided to suspend Russian and Belarus applications. Dominica, St Kitts, Grenada, Nevis, Antiqua, and Barbuda are banning Russians and Belarusian people from applying for citizenship. The statement was made on March 18th that Saint Lucia’s government decided to join the international community in supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia’s invasion.

The GOSL is going to support sanctions against Russia and Belarus. Saint Lucia also added they do not help discrimination of any person’s nationality. However, the times call for restricted access of Russian nationals who may attempt to use citizenship applications to avoid the sanctions placed on them. Furthermore, Saint Lucia does not want to help anyone try to hide their affiliation with the Russian regime; therefore, the application process will be suspended.

There are situations where some individuals have applied over several years to live away from Russia. Anyone fleeing due to the regime’s actions or was persecuted by Russia needs to follow proper procedure. Saint Lucia will not abandon or discard those who pass the due diligence test.

The GOSL will review all citizenships granted during the Allen Chastanet administration. No people granted a passport and citizenship will be under any danger of said items being revoked. Anyone on the sanctioned list of Russians will have their citizenship revoked; however, those not on the list will not be affected.

Stopping further applications is just one step by St. Lucia and the GOSL. The government is willing to look at those cases and determine a case-by-case answer for anyone who provides a special case regarding discrimination or persecution from the Russian.

Saint Lucia, in their statement, made it clear they are following the GOSL and adhering to sanctions applied to Russia and Belarus until the situation is resolved regarding Ukraine.

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