Saint Lucia Looks For The “Voice Of Saint Lucia”


Saint Lucia’s Tourism Authority decided to commence an event to help talented Saint Lucians reach their dreams and showcase their talents. The auditions recently hosted are set up to find the “Voice of Saint Lucia,” a person who will be able to help the Tourism Authority with ads and marketing campaigns. The tourism department said they enjoy meeting the contestants and seeing the many talents on the island.

The auditions are still ongoing as the Tourism Authority looks for the right person to help with the marketing and ad campaigns. Applicants could still apply as of May 24, and the last audition dates were announced on May 26.

Many places have a face for their ad campaigns that help the public recognize the personable nature of a tourist community. Saint Lucia wants to provide a career opportunity to a person who will work on global campaigns to help people think about Saint Lucia as their first choice in the Caribbean.

It is nice to know that they are looking for someone local who has the talent to help reintroduce Saint Lucia on a global stage. This is because so many regional and international events occur on the island, such as the United Nations Pacific Regional Seminar.

Saint Lucia also participates in events like the 75th World Health Assembly, which is another reason having a “Voice of Saint Lucia” can be helpful.

You can understand how crucial local labor and talent are to Saint Lucia for those already looking to come to the island. Saint Lucian resorts try, whenever possible, to use local employees and goods grown or made on the island. As a result, you will experience a very environmentally oriented place and a group of people proud of their heritage. Saint Lucia offers numerous sites to see and plenty to enjoy when visiting.

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