Saint Lucia Opening Restrictions

Saint Lucia Opening Restrictions

Vaccinated travelers can visit Saint Lucia easier with the new policy in place. On Monday, May 31, 2021, the Ministry of Tourism opened Saint Lucia to more travel. The island is known for its verdant views, white sandy beaches, expansive rain forest, and wedding destination. Unfortunately, Covid-19 interfered with a trip to the island for several months. As a result, all passengers need to show a negative Covid test taken within five days before arriving on the island.

The new protocol also exempts fully vaccinated visitors from the restrictions put in place during the height of the Covid outbreak. Vaccinated travelers can use any rental cars, explore the island without a guide, and go to any site on the island they wish. When a vaccinated traveler arrives at the airport, they will be given a wristband to show their status.

Saint Lucian officials believe a traveler is fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Anyone who gets the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is also safe after two weeks. During the announcement, officials stated they know the dose amounts for each immunization.

US visitors, who are issued vaccination cards, will need to bring their original card and show it upon arrival at the airport. UK visitors need to provide proof of vaccination through the National Health Service app, and it has been recommended they use print screen grabs from their NHC vaccination page to make things easier.

Saint Lucia is by no means saying only vaccinated travelers are welcome. There are restrictions in place for people who have not undergone vaccination. Guests without immunization will need to stay in Covid-19 approved facilities, can only visit specific tourist locations, and must split their time between two hotels. They are not allowed to explore on their own or mingle with other guests.

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