Saint Lucia Reopening – More Details


Saint Lucia is only one of a few places around the world that are reopening after the Covid-19 virus closed most of the world down to travel and routine operations. Countries are choosing a variety of ways to open, some with plenty of restrictions and others without. For example, Iceland requires testing upon arrival.

Tanzania does not seem to be doing any testing. Saint Lucia is one of the first places in the Caribbean to reopen, and they have essential restrictions, but there is still fun to be found.

On June 4, 2020, Saint Lucia will allow international travel. There are precautions visitors must take before coming to Saint Lucia and those during the trip.

Saint Lucia saw all their patients recover from the virus, without any deaths. The small country is highly concerned with allowing tourists in from hot zones as this could endanger the island culture, which is why they require restrictions. About 20% of the island is employed in the tourism industry.

The Plan:

  1. At the airport check-in, supply a negative, certified Covid-19 test, wear a mask, practice social distancing, go through temperature screening, and practice sanitizing, frequently.
  2. During the flight, guests must wear a mask and have minimum contact with the crew and other passengers.
  3. Once at the Saint Lucia airport, continued distancing and mask-wearing is necessary. All luggage will be sanitized upon arrival, and one can only use authorized taxis.
  4. At the hotel, the facilities are operating at a lower capacity to ensure the rooms are kept clean and given a period of emptiness after a visitor. There are nurses and quarantine facilities on site should something happen. Staff must undergo daily temperature checks, wear masks, and sanitize. Guests are asked to keep masks on in public locations.
  5. Upon departure, there are safety measures in place, including temperature checks

Despite limitations to activities, there are still plenty of things to do on the island that offer social distancing.

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