Saint Lucia Resorts Reopening

Saint Lucia Resorts Reopening

Covid-19 affected many resorts in Saint Lucia at the height of island closure. The Centers for Disease Control asked hotels and accommodations worldwide to change their cleaning and safety protocols to help stop the spread of the disease. Hotels in Saint Lucia complied by becoming Covid-19 certified. All guests had to choose a certified hotel for two weeks before going to a non-certified property. The hotel staff had to rotate rooms to ensure proper cleaning and usage of the rooms. Royalton Saint Lucia and Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia are reopening after a temporary closure. According to their parent company Sunwing, the Blue Diamon Resorts are now open and available for all-inclusive packages.

The openings comply with the CDC, World Health Organization, and The Ministry of Health’s guidelines. Anderson Howard, the Regional Director for the Eastern Carib branch of Blue Diamond Hotels, said Saint Lucia is a mixture of culture and adventure melding with a beautiful landscape. Visitors will find there is no limit to the experience available on the island. The teams at both Royalton hotels are working to ensure the safety of all guests upon their reopening, which is ahead of schedule. The director and staff are excited to welcome guests back to Saint Lucia.

It is a story many of the resorts have regarding Covid-19 and ensuring guest safety as numbers of infected fluctuate both on and off the island.

All-inclusive resorts make trips to the island more tempting to show that Saint Lucia is reopened as a Caribbean destination and taking Covid seriously. Royalton is just another company among the many who have gained proper status, and you might wish to choose among these two properties or the Marriott options if you are part of the rewards program.

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