Saint Lucia to Reopen to International Tourism

Saint Lucia to Reopen to International Tourism

After a worldwide shut down of tourism sectors, countries and states are beginning to reopen their borders to travelers. Saint Lucia is one small island that has decided to outline a “phase of return” for international tourists. The approach will begin June 4, 2020, in a responsible manner towards allowing international guests.

The strategy is working to protect tourists and residents from Covid-19 threats. A combination of screening, monitoring, and testing will be in place. Staff will go through daily screening to ensure they do not have any signs of illness. Visitors will need to go through advanced testing and screening. Anyone showing signs of sickness will not be permitted to come to the island.

Sanitizing efforts must also be taken seriously by the traveler. There are new social distancing rules in place that are going to limit the number of people on the island, in resorts, restaurants, and other areas.

Dominic Fedee, the tourism minister, stated the next phase for Saint Lucia will begin June 4 and end July 31, 2020. A second phase will start on August 1, 2020, but the details are not available yet.

Visitors to the island will need to show certified proof of their negative Covid-19 test, taken within 48 hours before boarding their flight to Saint Lucia.

Travelers need to wear masks in public and retain social distancing.

Tourists will also undergo screening and temperature checks at the port of entry. The screening is conducted by health authorities.

New protocols are in place for taxis to ensure the driver and guests are safe.

Passengers will see health and safety signs throughout the island, which also include QR codes for those who want more information from the island’s tourism website.

Hotels will undergo a variety of changes, including leaving rooms vacant after use for a set time and with advanced sanitizing protocols.

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