Saint Lucia Travel “Post-Pandemic”

Saint Lucia Travel Post-Pandemic

With cases in the US and around the world increasing, COVID-19 continues to plague small economies. Shutting travel down does not seem to be the answer. Instead, we need safer traveling options. Protocols that enable Saint Lucia to reopen to tourism may remain even after the pandemic is under control and antivirus is found. Here are some ways you can stay safe and still travel to Saint Lucia while the pandemic rages and post-pandemic.

1. Stay At A COVID-19 Certified Location

Saint Lucia implemented certified locations based on the resort’s ability to reduce exposure to the virus and sanitize the property. Hotels are open, and they are taking bookings. These resorts offer private plunge pools, kitchens, Wi-Fi, and entertainment.

2. Plan Your Trip

You must plan your trip, including the activities you wish to do. Before COVID-19, it was easy to come to the island with a few things planned and add more tours or entertainment while you were there. Now, you definitely need to plan each aspect of your trip. Do you want to enjoy scuba diving? Are you looking for zip lining tours? Due to the limited number of people that can be part of a tour, it is essential to book in advance.

3. Prepare Yourself For Spending A Lot Of Time In Your Hotel

Make a plan to cook your own food or make bookings when you want to dine out. It is more challenging to go to a random beach with COVID-19, which means you need to plan ahead to do the things you want and stay safe.

4. Book Your Trip

Once you know what you want to do and the availability, you will need to book your trip at least 3 weeks in advance. Saint Lucia requires all travelers to have a negative COVID-19 test before flying.

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