Saint Lucia Weather for Travel Planning

Saint Lucia Weather for Travel Planning

Are you planning your holiday to Saint Lucia? Knowing when to visit is imperative to enjoying your time without weather interrupting your vacation. Saint Lucia is in a hurricane pathway, which requires planning around the potential seasonal interruptions. Hurricanes form from tropical storms between June and November. Sometimes a storm is just a storm, but other times it will build and make travel impossible to or from the island. So, let’s assess the weather and help you plan your magnificent holiday.

Best Time to Visit

According to experts, the best time to visit Saint Lucia is between May and June. It doesn’t offer much time to find travel dates, but late spring and early summer have the best weather. The temperatures are 70s to 80s with few rainstorms to interrupt your fun. The two months also provide better hotel room rates.

May is known for the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival held at Pigeon Island National Landmark.

Worst Time to Visit

The answer to the worst time to visit is subjective and based on luck. You may be fortunate and avoid any hurricanes that happen for the year, making summer and late fall enviable. Hurricane season often means less traffic to the island because people fear a hurricane interrupting their holiday. Hotel rates are lower during this period. If you visit between September and November, you also get lower daily temperatures, much like spring. Temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s, without too many heading towards the 90s or 100s. The rainy season is upon you, so even without hurricanes and tropical storms, scuba diving might be canceled if the water is too choppy.

Winter Visits

Going in winter is when the majority of tourism happens. The weather is drier but still warm enough to enjoy the island. Hotel rates and flight costs increase.

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