Saint Lucian Food – Something to Celebrate in St. Lucia

Saint Lucian Food

Saint Lucia is well known for their gastronomic delights. A blend of Caribbean flavors awaits visitors to the island. The cuisine comes from various cultures allowing a diversity that is hard to find in other places. Each year celebrations help visitors discover the multiple flavors.

Bay Gardens Resort has Taste of the Bay, which provides food from ten different eateries. The menu items included Japanese, French, and Indian, as well as local flavors of Saint Lucia. To add to the resort festival, music from Shemmy Ezra, Sedale and the Invader, and other local artists was provided.

Saint Lucia also has a “dine-around” concept that began in 2016. It was an all-inclusive idea to ensure visitors could visit the different regions and hotels on the island and taste the various cuisines.

Those who want the dine-around experience get to stay for at least two nights and visit restaurants that take part in the all-inclusive package.

Of course, you don’t have to stay at Bay Gardens Resort or take part in a festival or dine-around experience to truly get a taste of the food on the island. You can go wherever you wish when you visit.

Here are some goods tips for finding the best places to eat:

1. Ask the locals where they would eat – not what they recommend- but where they go.
2. Use online tools to check reviews.

Many resorts in Saint Lucia hire top chefs and obtain food locally to ensure the best ingredients are used. These resorts also help to sustain island life for their workers and families.

Knowing all of this, you will definitely be able to enjoy gastronomic delights no matter where you stay or what part of the island you wish to visit. Plenty of food can be found at the market in Soufriere too.

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