Saint Lucian Holidays Celebrated

Saint Lucian Holidays Celebrated

Wondering if Saint Lucia has similar holidays celebrated to your country? Everyone has their traditions, including national holidays that are extremely important. Many of the Saint Lucian traditions are celebrated with festivals. New Year’s Day is essential to the entire world, but some of the special holidays in Saint Lucia are more personal.

For example, Independent Day is celebrated in February. When Saint Lucia became independent from British and French government control, it was a day. Good Friday is also an important tradition, as many on the island are religious. But, of course, that man’s Easter is just as important.

Unlike the US, which celebrates its Labor Day in September, Saint Lucia celebrates the day on May First. Another religious-based holiday, a public holiday versus a national holiday, is Whit Monday. It is celebrated after Pentecost Sunday, which is in June. Children take the day off of school, and most people do not work.

Feast of Corpus Christi, another religious holiday, is also celebrated in June.

With the ending of slavery in Saint Lucia, many still remember the day of Emancipation and thus celebrate that holiday in August.
Saint Lucia has its own Thanksgiving Day celebrated in October.

Almost any month of the year, you will be able to discover the festivals and celebrations of Saint Lucia, take part, and enjoy the island’s culture.

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