Saint Lucia’s Summer of Discovery


Wondering where you want to holiday, or perhaps you have always dreamed of Saint Lucia, and now it is a possibility?

Saint Lucia has made a name for itself as an island resort that you shouldn’t miss. Bay Gardens Resorts has started the phrase “Summer of Discovery” to help show travelers that summer after Covid-19 is possible. They offer their appreciation to customers through the Summer of Discovery concept, where families or couples can get affordable packages to visit and stay.

Bay Gardens is offering up to 50% savings on accommodations. This island resort is one of the first to reopen after the first closure with Covid-19 worldwide. They were one of the first properties to gain the PCR testing for guests and update safety protocols. Furthermore, they were one of the first resorts to be a Covid-19 approved facility.

Bay Gardens is just one of many resorts on the island offering packages to their summer guests. You can research individual resorts to see who is Covid-19 approved to be open and which locations offer the best deals.

While the phrase “Summer of Discovery” is coined by Bay Gardens, it doesn’t mean you can’t discover the island your way, at your price point.

The resort you choose is only half of what you will want to discover while visiting Saint Lucia for the summer. Plenty of dive locations can be found offshore via boating trips. You can hike the Pitons to enjoy a spectacular view or discover the best places to eat outside of your resort.

Resorts offer a variety of room choices, from villas to resort rooms. If you choose a villa, you can have your own pool plus a kitchen where you can cook or have someone cook for you. Keep in mind the resort options are just the tip of the island’s offerings, and enjoy your summer of discovery in Saint Lucia.

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