Saint Lucia’s Top Places to Eat

Saint Lucia’s Top Places to Eat

Any holiday requires knowing where to eat, and this includes vacationing in Saint Lucia. Sure, you could book a resort villa where you can cook or have your meals prepared by a personal chef, but sometimes you are out shopping, hiking, or touring the island and need to find great food.

For those who do want to cook, stop by the Castries Central Market. It is the best place to find fresh food and from families who have worked the market for generations. Several local stalls not only sell traditionally prepared food but what they grow. If you want local produce, spices, and other ingredients to try your hand at local Caribbean dishes, the Castries Central Market is the place to go.

Matthews Rooftop Restaurant is another location to try. The restaurant is close to Rodney Bay. Head to the Baywalk Mall and enjoy a dining experience that overlooks Rodney Bay. The menu is local and international, with lobster as the specialty.

Buzz Seafood and Grill is also near Rodney Bay. It has indoor and outdoor seating. If you want fresh seafood caught that day, then stop by for crab, lobster, and the catch of the day.

The Coal Pot is near Vigie Cove, which is located in the Castries. It is a French Caribbean dining experience with open-air seating. Here, you can try Crab backs, Callaloo soup and enjoy the beauty around you. A local artist displays pottery at the restaurant. You also have a view of the historic cannon which sits near the harbor.

Of course, you can always plan your holiday with an all-inclusive package at many of the resorts. Your meals are included to ensure you plan your budget vacation appropriately. Whether you try a restaurant for each dinner, cook at your villa, or dine on a resort buffet, you will definitely enjoy the local fare.

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