Saint Lucia’s Tourism Director Not Extending the SOE

Dominic Fedee, the minister for Tourism

Dominic Fedee, the minister for Tourism, Information, and Broadcasting, stated there is no need to extend the SOE, state of emergency, beyond September 30, 2020. The current parameters are in place until the end of the month. Fedee stated there is the confidence that they have done well in containment and management for the pandemic.

The Governor-General Sir Neville Cenac declared the state of emergency on March 23, 2020. It was a time when the island was seeing an increase in cases and the government wanted to ensure they had policies in place. The SOE was designed to help police implement curfew and to scale down the spread of the virus. Parliament extended the original SOE from June 30 to September 30, 2020, on June 1, just as talks about reopening the island nation were in place.

To date, only 27 cases have occurred in the nation, with the last one this week. A visitor from the US started to present with symptoms, and immediately, the person was sent home.

Fedee believes the government and health organizations have done an excellent job of keeping the cases low and managing the reopening of the island.

CDC and WHO officials urge anyone wishing to travel to quarantine for at least two weeks. They further request that everyone take their temperature daily and monitor for any illness symptoms; mainly, for anyone who wishes to travel.

Saint Lucia is happy to welcome everyone to the island who wishes to travel and see their beautiful sites. Officials have many protocols in place to ensure the health of everyone will have a wonderful, safe time while on holiday.

Saint Lucia offers hiking, scuba diving, sailing, and beach fun throughout the island. Many businesses are currently open, and more will reopen after the SOE ends on September 30, 2020.

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