How to save on your honeymoon

Honeymoons are big investment, emotionally and financially.  It is however there to be enjoyed and a time that you will want to remember  and recall to your friends, family including grandchildren.

At a time when most people are looking to get the most for their buck we have put together a few suggestions of how you can maximize your investment in your honeymoon.

1  Compare prices for your honeymoon destination

As you would to book a flight or buy a new car, go to the Internet to compare prices. Stick to the websites that afford you the ability to compare rates for traveling to your honeymoon destination. There are a myriad of them out there. If you are looking for an all inclusive then make sure you included everything. Take a look at the villa websites – you would be surprised at how reasonable they can be.  Just imagine the space and privacy you get.

2 Travel in the off-season

If you have your newlywed heart set on somewhere like the Caribbean, plan your honeymoon for the off season. The weather might be cooler or damper, but it will be more economic as well as not as crowded. That gives you more time to be alone with your significant other, which is the point, isn’t it? For example, the destination of St Lucia off season runs from April to mid December. St Lucia has good weather even in the off season. Choosing to go then might lessen your chance of running into college kids on spring break.

3  Check into travel rewards you might have

Do you have one of those major credit cards that offer a variety of perks specifically geared for traveling, such as frequent flier miles or reward points for staying at certain hotels? Some cards will allow you to redeem your points against any flights booked with any airline e.g. HSBC.  Now would be the best time to cash those in. Look at your credit card programs and see if there’s anything that can be of use to you, pre-honeymoon.

Also, figure out how you will pay your expenses while there: cash, traveler’s check, credit card. If you do use a credit card abroad, use one that offers perks for international travelers, such as no-fee foreign transactions.

4 Become a travel agent – or get your wedding planner to be one

You might laugh at this; a travel agent seems so 20th century. The Internet can turn anyone into a travel agent. Professionals with the training and skills can find the gem of a hotel or villa.  If you feel like you want to explore all your possibilities, spend time on the internet it’s easy.

Whether you take the most lavish honeymoon possible or opt for a cost-friendly alternative, remember that a honeymoon is not a destination or a splurge. It’s a time to cherish each others company.  Do that and your new life as a married couple will be off to a great and profitable start. Villa rental offers you this chance.

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