Save On Travel To St. Lucia

Save On Travel To St. Lucia

Traveling to St. Lucia can seem like a luxury trip, you will never be able to afford. These tips are going to help you afford the travel destination of your dreams. St. Lucia is an island you don’t want to miss in the Caribbean with its beautiful sandy beaches, high visibility diving, and volcano. With resorts that care about the environment, who recycle, buy local produce, and provide vegan menus, there are plenty of reasons to choose St. Lucia.

Plan Ahead

Sometimes planning ahead means paying a little more, but for trips to St. Lucia it means savings. Buying your flights in advance can save you two or three times the travel rate rather than waiting till the last minute when the flights are booked solid, and companies are actually adding more flights to ensure passengers can come to the island.

Flexibility Matters

Even if you want to travel to St. Lucia during the busy travel season or for holidays, being flexible with your plans can help you save money. Flying out a few days after a holiday or on a Wednesday when people aren’t traveling as much can help you find lower fares.

Work Towards Airmiles

Getting a credit card that helps you earn air miles is worth it. Using the card to pay for everything and paying it off each month is even better. Whether you buy gas, groceries, or other regular items for the month, the more you earn miles, the easier it will be to use them for your travel to St. Lucia.

Luxury Hotels are Nice

Luxury hotels are great because of the amenities, but consider the type of luxury you are paying for, what you will enjoy at the resort, and consider a weekly rental at a condo or villa, where you can make your food, have more privacy, and save.

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