Scuba St. Lucia Offers Dive Training

Scuba St. Lucia Offers Dive Training

Dive enthusiast will fall in love with St. Lucia for scuba diving. The clear waters, reefs, and beautiful marine life entice hundreds of visitors each year to the Caribbean shores. Scuba St. Lucia, located at Anse Chastanet, announced they are offering diver instructor training along with their other dive training courses.

Padi Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) announced they have opened a facility with Open Water Scuba Instructor training available. Anyone who wants to enhance their dive abilities or start teaching other divers can visit Anse Chastanet on St. Lucia to learn. The dive shop, Scuba St. Lucia, is part of Anse Chastanet Resort. The in-house dive shop has offered plenty of open water certificates, advanced training, but only recently added the diver instructor training.

The dive shop is just off the shores of Soufri e re Marine Management Area, a marine park. Visitors can enjoy the 600-acre resort, stay for a week, and become a scuba dive instructor. It does take reaching divemaster and assistant instructor status first, but for anyone who comes to St. Lucia often, this new level of training is a boon.

The hotel and dive operation adhere to strict sustainability practices, using no-impact standards to ensure their carbon footprint is minimal.

Whether you want to become a dive instructor or simply want a place you know you can trust to provide dive training—consider St. Lucia as the place to go. Researching the dive places on the island is an effective way to see if Anse Chastanet is the right dive training. Knowing they have instructor training, certainly makes it high on the list. During the summer months, and with scuba as part of the package you can get some deals on the room rates and spa. The resort and dive center are just one option to enjoy the island’s activities and beauty.

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