Six Travel Tips for St. Lucia

Six Travel Tips for St. Lucia

The Caribbean paradise named St. Lucia is often touted for its Pitons, a set of mountains created by volcanic activity. The island is picturesque with tropical rainforest, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Much of the island is unspoiled with a rustic charm, but also densely populated with tourists during the winter months.

  1. St. Lucian beaches are all public, particularly at the beach resorts. If you are not staying at the resort, the beach may require a fee for using sun loungers and beach bars. However, for those who are staying at one of the resorts along the beach, you have free access.
  2. St. Lucia allows payment using the US dollar, although you can convert to the Eastern Caribbean dollar if you wish. You should be aware that most change at local places will be given in Eastern Caribbean dollars even if you use US dollars. You should carry cash because some areas will not accept credit cards.
  3. Don’t expect white sandy beaches, but a mixture of volcanic sand, with some orange and black colors mixed in. The Anse des Pitons is one of the few white sandy beaches on the island.
  4. Expect street parties on Friday nights. Locals and tourists all come out to dance, drink, and sing along with the music. Gros Islet Jump Up is the main party area, but smaller street parties happen throughout the island.
  5. Sand and surf are not the only activity on the island, you also have 19,000 acres of rainforest, including the Diamond Botanical Gardens with waterfalls like Sault Falls.
  6. Take time to fit Pigeon Island hiking into your trip, with its military ruins, tropical forest, and beautiful views.

St. Lucia is a diverse location in the Caribbean not only the culture but the beauty and activities you can enjoy.

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