St. Lucia a Wedding Destination

St. Lucia a Wedding Destination

Weddings in tropical locales are certainly something thousands of people do each year. They plan for small intimate weddings, with few family members and friends. Occasionally you might hear about the underwater wedding, but most often the bride wants to be on dry land, with her beautiful dress, and the whole rigmarole. What is most surprising, given underwater weddings do happen, is St. Lucia just hosted their first-ever.

Julie Gilchrist and her husband, Sean, arrived in St. Lucia from Canada to get married underwater. Both are diving enthusiasts. The couple took their vows underwater at the Royalton Saint Lucia. The week also happened to be for the third annual Dive Fest.

The bride spoke with a local Canadian press about her special day. She stated they went to a friend’s wedding in Saint Lucia two years ago. Sean, at the time, was her fiancé and was just completing his open water dive certification. Last year, Julie went to the second Dive Fest FAM. While on the island for the festival, Julie started speaking with the Tourism Board about holding an underwater wedding.

Dominic Fedee was happy to make the couple’s request come true by allowing the wedding to take place underwater and even putting up a Facebook post to state how glad he was to have the wedding during the festival.

Julie and Sean, with the help of the Eastern Caribbean Diving company, were married on September 12, 2019. The entire wedding was recorded. There was even an underwater flower arch for the couple, with their names on it.

St. Lucia has become a romantic destination, for honeymoons and weddings, as well as just a place to getaway. Julie and Sean have shown the world it can also be for underwater matrimony for those who love diving as much as they do.

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