St. Lucia Bidding for Medical University

St. Lucia Bidding for Medical University

St. Lucia is a progressive island that has survived on tourism for decades. With partnerships between Taiwan and St. Lucia, improvements have continued. New projects for the airport and cruise port are also underway. More flights are being added, even while Virgin Atlantic steps away from servicing the island with UK flights. Now, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that they are looking to negotiate for a medical university to open its doors on the island.

On Chastanet’s Facebook page, he announced he would like to see a medical university on the island. He stated it would be a strategic move to help the current hospital, and the university tying to it would also benefit. The government is negotiating, although nothing specific has been mentioned about those details.

If a medical university does occur, the facility will probably be built on the south side of the island. Already, there is a reconstruction of St. Jude’s Hospital on the south, which currently has a ninety-bed facility. The new wing will offer functions and services that tie in with the East and Surgical wings. The reconstruction also includes retrofitting some of the buildings to function as a hospital. The hope is to create a level four facility.

Some buildings could become part of a medical university facility, which is why the government is hoping to win the negotiations. The hospital would improve its standards with the funding the medical university could provide. Chastanet is set to speak about security, justice, education, healthcare, investments, and significant projects to help the island journey into a new period of affluence and empowerment for the islanders.

With the accommodation tax to help increase funding for projects and the possibility of a medical university bringing in students and money, St. Lucia could definitely reach their goals.

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