St. Lucia for Caribbean Travel

St. Lucia is a popular tourist destination. The island has encouraged visitors to seek curative waters, beautiful scenery, and white sandy beaches since the 1800s. A French doctor found local water sources soothed soldiers’ ailments, and thus Soufriere, a local fishing village, became known for its healing waters.

The seaside village is partially on the mountainside, with its green trees and volcanic rocks. Tourists can enjoy the hot springs, soaking their sunburns in the mineral mud the island is known for.

Summer may be a tad warm for the snow-loving person, but the winter months are perfect. Cooler days, with plenty of sunshine, vitamin D, and entertainment. Prices tend to be favorable during the late spring and early summer because of the heat, but you can still find deals to travel to St. Lucia year-round.

The water provides perfect clarity for scuba diving or snorkeling, even at deeper depths. Scuba diving is the most popular attraction because of the clear waters, the protected marine reserve, and the ease of shore diving. A certified person can rent equipment from several island PADI operations and dive from the beach. A popular dive spot is on west Anse Chastanet Beach because the swim to the reserve is short, and shallow enough for open water divers.

Several resorts built around the island provide beautiful views of the volcanic Piton mountains and sea. Jade Mountain is one of the resorts offering infinity pools, private villas, and rooms. Many resorts provide butler services, gourmet cuisine, and entertainment packages.

Festival tickets, discounts at hotels during festivals, and more will welcome any visitor to St. Lucia. Imagine walking through colonial architecture, enjoying the Jazz festival, or visiting a Caribbean location to soak up sun. St. Lucia offers plenty of things for every visitor, whether it is local music, local produce, or water attractions.

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