St Lucia has a New Eco Develpment

Akasha Luxury Villa rental has heard on the grape vine that planning permission has been granted for a 420,000 sq ft eco-luxury development in St Lucia by the Pitons – this according to our friends at the Saint Lucia National Trust.

Akasha welcomes developments which raise the quality of the villa rental product on the island but is conscience of its effects on nature which has blessed St Lucia with so much.

We, like the Trust, are concerned that this development will cause some damage that may not be repaired.  Freedom Bay, as it will be called, will cover 68 acres of a World Heritage site beneath the Piton Mountains.  It will have 45 four-bed super villas, eight three-bed beach villas, 18 one-bed hotel villas, 22 one-bed cliff villa apartments, eight one-bed cliff villa terraces, 32 rainforest apartments and 41 Piton Apartments.

The investment of around US$300m will be built in three phases over a five-year period however anyone who knows anything about large projects, especially in St Lucia, knows they tend to fall by the wayside.  In St Lucia there have been three projects abandoned or severely delayed in the last six years.

Land in St Lucia tends to be 40 to 50 percent cheaper than in nearby Barbados so presents developers with a good opportunity.

Akasha is the ultimate luxury villa rental in St Lucia.

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