St. Lucia Offers Rest and Entertainment

Cap Maison

Depending on where you live, it is not every day you can wake up to sun, sand, and fun. Now is the time of year to consider a warm, tropical vacation, where you can thaw out. St. Lucia offers one of the most beautiful backgrounds for any tropical paradise activity one might love. You can unwind and relax, or stay active, and get a little exercise in while enjoying the sights.

Saint Lucia offers numerous hotels, like Cap Maison, where you can wake up to ocean views, warm weather, and the perfect locale for snorkeling and scuba diving. Imagine seeing sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphin, and several tropical fish during your daily snorkel from the hotel’s beach.

Perhaps, you are more of a kayak person, where you can enjoy the workout of every stroke, turning back every once and a while to see the palm trees and tropical plants that offer a picturesque backdrop as you explore more than just the bay.

For trekkers, there is nothing better than the 44-acre park, a nationally protected sanctuary that is a living museum. While you walk around the park, there are military buildings, now ruins that will teach you of a history between the French and British. Visitors have access to bikes, zip lines, and paddle boards for a few other activities that will help you see St. Lucia in new ways.

Whether you wish to be active or sloth-like, hanging around the resort, soaking up rays, your holiday in St. Lucia can be anything you wish it to be. Cliff top restaurants, hotel cuisine, and local hangouts are all part of the fun.

Spend an afternoon walking around town, shopping, and enjoying the food market, or cruise the bay during the evening on a dinner cruise. The island of St. Lucia is one of the top must see Caribbean locales.

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