St. Lucia Opens Drive-In 758 Movie Park

Drive-in 758

If we thought, drive-in movie theaters were a thing of the past, then COVID-19 may show us that they are needed. With closures of many theaters during the largest outbreak of the virus, many companies turned to electronic means of releasing movies, for a fair price. A movie that would have been in theaters, in the US, cost anywhere from $19.99 to $24.99 to watch. The fact that one could supply one’s own snacks, including popcorn and affordable sodas, made it a novelty for quarantine. However, Saint Lucia has made a different move.

July 1, 2020, Loop, a local paper, announced Drive-In 758. Visitors and residents on the island can enjoy the drive-in movie theater. It may be nostalgic, but perhaps more places will begin to put up big screens again for outdoor experiences.

Saint Lucia’s outdoor movie theater is at Gaiety Car Park in Rodney Bay. The business is offering in-theater movies with the collaboration of Fineline Graphics. Audio will be available through the radio in one’s car rather than speakers outside.

The best part—you can see a movie despite social distancing requirements. You can talk with your family or simply enjoy the movie. You can grab your snacks and drinks and head out to watch a movie Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Movies are at 6:30 and 9:30 pm, with two showings a night. Each movie is different. The gates to the park open at 5:30 pm, giving everyone time to drive in and get settled.

Some of the films being played will be older, but there are also plenty of new films. You can bring food or buy wine, mojito, popcorn, and hotdogs on site.

Tickets are $20 per adult and $10 per child and found online. The drive-in theater is open until August 29,2020.

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