Andrew Strauss Latest Star To Invest, Buy a Luxury Villa

St Lucia is slowly gaining a reputation for smart and savvy investors.  If you are in the market for a luxury second home in paradise then why not consider St Lucia.

Andrew Strauss, the England cricket captain is the latest to open his wallet according to media reports.  In the Daily Telegraph he is quoted as saying ” I could have gone for Barbados, it is certainly an island I love. But St Lucia is more unspoilt and offers greater privacy. I want somewhere I can go and relax in peace with my family.”  He goes on to say “The setting could hardly be better, while the people are among the friendliest in the Caribbean.  I simply want a place where I can chill with my family from time to time. This secluded corner of St Lucia seemed the perfect place to do that.”

The Daily telegraph reports – The days when the St Lucia sector was dominated by three-star resorts, with little to offer high-rollers, are firmly in the past.  Remember there are no bars on non-residents buying property in St Lucia, but you will need to budget for the cost of an Alien’s Landholding Licence, at approximately £1,500 or 2250US$.

The St Lucia government is actively encouraging investors and there is currently no VAT or capital gains tax on the island. Make sure you get up-to-date tax advice before signing on the dotted line.

If you are looking for a ready made luxury villa then why not consider Akasha – the most luxurious villa on the island.  It has caught the imagination of many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, who have vacationed there.  You could rent it to the stars when you are not in residence, how cool is to have stars vacation in your home.

So if you want to invest in the Caribbean and Barbados in not for you then St Lucia might be perfect for you.

The villa offers more than any other villa or resort especially for those who want privacy and be away from the crowds.

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