How do you get to St Lucia from Canada

Canadians – or snowbirds as they are known locally are coming to St Lucia in bigger numbers.  Canadian airlines have increased flights to St Lucia as the word has spread among Canadians about how wonderful the island of St Lucia is and the warmth of its people.  Akasha St Lucia’s Best Holiday Villa Rental has seen its fair share of Canadians, including Justin Bieber.

Most visitors from Canada tend to be from the East coast, not surprising as direct flights come from Toronto.  Air Canada is the main airline that flies from Canada to St Lucia’s Hewannora (UVF) airport in the south.  The other airline is the budget airline WestJet, again they fly into UVF.  Have to say, have heard really good reports about WestJet service.  It is owned by the employees so maybe they do try harder.

Air Canada has flights on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer (April to early December).  WestJet has flights on Thursday and Sunday.

If you are flying into Toronto airport to make the International connection to St Lucia make sure you allow sufficient time to transfer between terminals.  We have experienced delays in the transport system there, nothing major, just needs to be incorporated into your travel plans.

For Canadians living outside the Toronto area there are several local carriers who fly from major Canadian cities to Toronto.  For example WestJet flies in from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton at very reasonable rates.

For those living in Vancouver on the West Coast its well worth looking for flights from Seattle and checking out American Airlines.  Flight times will be longer but are usually more competitive than the Canadian fares.

Don’t forget for guests booking direct with the owners airport transfers are included so you are met at the airport.  So you do not need to worry about finding the villa.

We are expecting more Canadians to stay at Akasha St Lucia’s best Holiday Villa Rental, which offers all inclusive options, as the word about Aksaha and St Lucia spreads.  Add to this our local Concierge team waiting to help you and that makes a truly great combination for your Caribbean Vacation.

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