St Lucia’s Nobel Laureates both born 23rd January!

St. Lucia is proud to know that it has produced 2 Nobel Laureates. Yes, from this little island of 180,000.

The 1979 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, was Sir Arthur Lewis whose credentials include, Honorary Fellow of London School of Economics and Weizman Institute, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, James Madison Professor of Political Economy at Princeton University, and President of the Caribbean Development Bank. He was the author of “The Theory of Economic Growth ” and “The Agony of the Eight ”. The Award was made in recognition of his “pioneering research into economic development research with particular consideration of the problems of developing countries”.

In 1992, St. Lucian born poet, Hon. Derek Walcott, OBE,OCC, won the Nobel Prize for Literature for his Epic Poem, “Omeros”. In 2011, he won the T.S. Elliot prize for his poem “White Egrets”. His credentials include an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Essex, chair at Boston University until 2007, distinguished scholar-in-residence at the University of Alberta, and in 2010, Professor of Poetry at the University of Essex.

Coincidentally both Sir Arthur Lewis and Hon Derek Walcott were born on January 23, fifteen years apart. On a lighter note, it is quite possible that persons born on January 23, have a special Nobel Laureate gene.

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