Sulphur Springs Volcano – a day trip when you stay at the Best Caribbean Villa Rental in St Lucia

St Lucia has many things to offer which keep guests staying at the best Villa Rental entertained. We do our best to encourage them to understand St Lucia’s beauty.

The island has the only drive-in volcano in the world….the Sulphur Springs has many hot springs, mud pools and fumaroles, and is a major tourist attraction in the town of Soufriere. Guided tours are conducted daily, with visitors staying a safe distance on a viewing platform. Previously, it was possible to get much closer to the open calderas, that is until one day a Guide was jumping on the edge of an open caldera to express a point, and fell in and was severely burnt. The Caldera has since been named after the Guide, and is called Gabriel’s Caldera.

The hot springs that flow from the volcano are thought to contain healing properties for ailments such as arthritis, acne and other skin blemishes, and many come to bathe in the hot springs and to have a free mud scrub. Some say this would cost a fortune back home! The waters of the hot springs are black, and is said to be caused by a chemical reaction between the sulphur and iron.

Additionally, there are other warm sulphuric pools for bathing, located a short way from the geothermal fields. A strong smell of sulphur is continuously emitted into the atmosphere…a smell very much like rotten eggs. Yes it can be that bad.

St. Lucia as the Sulphur Springs is a dormant volcano, and it is believed that the last minor steam explosion from the Sulphur Springs occurred in about 1766. So its not expected to erupt any time soon.

When you stay at Akasha – the best Villa Rental in the Caribbean, we are able to organise a day out on a boat trip and combine this with a trip to see the Sulphur Springs and if you want some beauty treatment – we think its like a mud bath. Great fun which the whole family can enjoy.

Our aim at Akasha is to make your stay here one you remember – Luxury, Quality and Service is what we offer. Three reasons why you should stay at the Best Caribbean Villa Rental.

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