Sustainability in St. Lucia

Sustainability in St. Lucia

Hotels around the world have prepared for Earth Day. It is different than in recent years. Many of the hotels are taking climate change and global warming seriously. These hotel chains are starting to discover ways to use less waste or at least make their waste recyclable. St. Lucia is just one island, with several resorts, including Bay Gardens that is looking to minimize trash and make it recyclable.

In an effort to show their conversation, St. Lucia announced all water provided to hotel guests and island guests comes from Jade Mountain. The water is from the Anse Mamim Valley River. The resorts have filters and conditions in their treatment facilities to purify the water and make it drinkable.

Many of the rooms are also designed to be open air to cut down on the use of air conditioning. The island breeze makes it possible.

Carl Hunter, one resort manager on the island, stated they want to provide luxury, but also ensure they are doing everything they can to eliminate waste that is harmful to the environment. Adding potable water that helps with hotel needs is just one way to make it happen.

St. Lucia is not the only island in the Caribbean to look towards a better and more sustainable future. It is one of the most popular islands for US tourists.

Besides water and energy efforts, there are also bids to create less food waste. About a third of the food going to hotels and resorts gets squandered, lost, or wasted. The efforts of hotels are showing they are trying to find ways to reuse food. For example, fruit and pastries are put into a digester at some hotels. A digester turns the food into reusable water. St. Lucia hotels have not stated they use this process, but if it is found successful, who knows what the future will hold. 

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