Taiwan And St. Lucia Ties Remain

Taiwan And St. Lucia Ties Remain

Taiwan and St. Lucia have been tied together since 2007. The two governments have worked together to provide wellness to the people of St. Lucia. Ambassador Shen met with Guy Joseph, the Minister of Economic Development, Urban Renewal, Housing, and Civil Aviation. Also attending a donation ceremony was the Minister of Tourism, Dominic Fedee. Ambassador Shen stated the 2019 CDP Phase II will focus on livelihood infrastructure. CDP stands for Constituency Development Program.

Since 2007, Taiwan has helped St. Lucia develop flood mitigation, pedestrian footpaths, drainage, community access roads, bus stations, and school facilities, while using local contractors. Taiwan and St. Lucia are both islands, which are affected by climate change. By working together, the two islands are able to share ideas and implement innovative programs to ensure people’s safety.

Minister Joseph and Fedee stated they are happy to have the Government of Taiwan helping and for the generosity of the government. They stressed how important the Constituency Development Program is to the island with regards to sustainability and prosperity. They state St. Lucia will stand with Taiwan.

St. Lucia is not the only area the CDP is meant to help. Ambassador Shen stated Central Castries, Babonneau, Castries Southeast, Choiseul, and Castries East will be a focus of Phase II.

St. Lucia is becoming one of the most popular Caribbean islands for tourism, not only from North America and the UK, but also for Asian travelers. Taiwan’s link with the Republic of China does help the island nation survive, and they are willing to share ideas with St. Lucia.

Visitors to St. Lucia can enjoy fresh foods, grown on the island, along with beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving; boat rides, and hikes to a volcano. The ties that will continue are helping to sustain both islands and make them attractive to more than just tourists—the islands are also becoming a place to stay for those growing up there.

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