Technology Aids Saint Lucia Hotels


Saint Lucians believe in green practices and protecting visitors and residents from Covid outbreaks. As part of the Saint Lucia Bay Gardens Resorts, three properties are now certified “Green Global Gold” as part of the island’s bid to be environmentally conscious. The certification shows the hotels have had five consecutive years of improved “green” practices during audits.

Bay Gardens Resorts are on Saint Lucia’s Rodney Bay. The certification shows improvements by using LED lighting, a technology upgrade using Gem Link Wireless occupancy sensors in the guest’s rooms, and single-use plastics. In addition, Gem Link reduces heating, air conditioning, and ventilation consumption by 42 percent while still ensuring the space is comfortable for guests.

The spokesperson for Bay Gardens stated, “the program has increased revenue” based on their “farm to table” implementations in addition to their green practices. The Virtual Agricultural Clearing House program ensures that fruits and vegetables are locally sourced instead of imported from other places. It helps keep the restaurants stable and provides employees benefit due to the increase in revenue seen at the restaurants.

John Centeno (Caribbean Energy Savers) helped install the Gem Link Wireless technology at Bay Gardens Beach, Inn, and Hotel locations. Gem Link offers a “unique advantage” because of its many varieties of green units installed throughout the properties. One system connects with the HVAC, which can be any age, voltage, or thermostat to help regulate temperatures. The system ensures a reduction of energy and carbon footprint.

Bay Gardens is not the only hotel in Saint Lucia working towards a lower carbon footprint and improved “green” technology. Many resorts on the island are working towards green ratings and use locally sourced foods to help support the island’s economy.

Saint Lucia may be the wedding destination of the Caribbean, but soon they will also be the “green” destination.

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