Think St. Lucia in Winter

St. Lucia in Winter

Winter is a time of cold, windy, snow-filled days for some of us. The days can run on as gray, dismal, and depressing. But, there is always a solution for those who can getaway in the middle of winter for a little holiday in the sun. Saint Lucia is such a solution. With Pigeon Island National Park, beautiful beaches, and warm sun, you can thaw out in one of the top Caribbean destinations.

Whether you enjoy ziplining in the rainforest, scuba diving or snorkeling, you have plenty of activities to enjoy. Even if all you want is a quiet rest, with sun and surf, you can find it in Saint Lucia.

Hotels also have deals for those who attend the festival or come during their off-season. You might find yourself drinking in the beautiful sights, next to an infinity pool, with mountains surrounding you.

Jade Mountain is just one of the resorts that offers a large estate, opened in 2006, with amazing views of the water and mountains. You have a choice of private rooms with your infinity pool or choosing a place in a hotel setting.

Whatever you need to get the doldrums of winter out of your mind, you can find it in Saint Lucia. You don’t have to come for one of the many yearly festivals. You can always take in the local culture, impromptu shows, or hotel hosted entertainments.

If winter doesn’t work for you, think about coming to the island during the Roots and Soul Festival, with tickets priced at $20. The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority hosts the festival, where local artists and international stars come to perform reggae, jazz, hip hop, poetry, and folk-rock. In 2019, at the third annual festival, Rodney Bay Ramp was one of the stars. Guests of the festival can take in the sights, smells, and rum punch.

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