Time to Enter the 2013 ARC

Calling all sailors get your boots on its that time of the year again. The ARC is a great challenge for seasoned sailors and those who wish to become better sailors. The race across the Atlantic is becoming more popular each year and last year registration had to be closed as early as February 2012 for the 2012 race in November.

Registration is now open for you to register your boat in the race. Cruisers of all sizes are welcome to race from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to Rodney Bay in St Lucia. The finishing line can be seen from St Lucia’s best villa – Akasha.

Last year 230 cruisers took part and to see them all coming around the corner of north St Lucia is a great sight as you can imagine what those sailors have gone thru on their journey.

So while your sat in the villa have a thought for those brave sailors who risk life and limb on this adventure – maybe you could offer to be a crew member. Alternatively you could offer to crew one of the boats back to Europe or its next destination.

When the boats do come in to Rodney Bay there are usually lots of events including free open air parties where all the sailors and non sailors come together to have a good time.

Looking further ahead there is the 2014 World ARC rally which sets off from St Lucia in January 2014. This is a longer event and definitely for the more experienced sailor.

For more details take a look at the ARC website.

So if you do fancy watching all these brave sailors cross the finish line in 2012/13 then come to St Lucia but for the best view stay at its most luxurious villa Akasha – great for families and adult friends alike.

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