Top Five Not To Be Missed Saint Lucia Attractions


Planning a trip to Saint Lucia where you can enjoy warm weather, sun, and fun? You won’t want to miss the top five things to do in Saint Lucia while you are there. Sure, you have plenty of beaches to enjoy sunbathing, but there are activities you should also take part in.

The Piton Mountains are number one on the list of attractions. You can take a boat trip around the island to see how the mountains rise from the Caribbean Sea and then hike the trail later in the day. The Pitons are considered a World Heritage Site, raising over 2,600 feet. It is best to take a guide up to the top of the Gros Piton. Only serious, well-trained climbers should attempt the view from the Petit Piton.

Next on the list is the Sulphur Springs. The springs are located in Soufriere, which has the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean Islands. Here, you can see the mud pools and vents that let out the Sulphur steam. Guides will talk about volcanic activity and show you a safe spring for bathing.

Saint Lucia is known for its culinary delights with chefs worldwide and locally sourced ingredients. However, you won’t want to miss out on the Culinary Tours, which help you learn about the island resources like cocoa plantations.

Number four on the list includes Tet Paul Nature Trail. You can take a guided walk for forty-five minutes along the trail to see views of Jalousie Bay, the Pitons, and nearby islands.

Lastly, helicopter tours are another excellent way to see the island of Saint Lucia and learn about it. With a helicopter tour, your guide will take you around the island, showing its shape, the cities, and the rainforest. You’ll also learn about historically significant events.

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