Top Hotels in St. Lucia


Planning a trip to Saint Lucia requires accommodation. The list of top hotels was cultivated from reviews and scores.

1. Jade Mountain
2. Sugar Beach
3. Ladera Resort
4. Cap Maison
5. The Landings Resort and Spa

Jade Mountain

Ranked as the best hotel on the island, it has a 5-star rating for the hotel class. They offer free parking and Wi-Fi to guests. It is located in Soufriere. Jade Mountain has a sister property. The hotel provides views of the Pitons and sanctuaries for guests. The private villas have three walls, with an open wall to the vistas around the resort.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is also a 5-star rated hotel in Soufriere, with free Wi-Fi and parking. Sugar Beach is part of the Viceroy group offering high-end amenities and private walled gardens, plus plunge pools and private butler services.

Ladera Resort

Ladera Resort has 6 critic awards, a 5-star class rating, and is in Soufriere. The hotel offers free breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi to all guests. Ladera Resort has all suites with mountain and sea views. Unfortunately, it ranks as number three because it has no on-site beach. Ladera Resort is an adults-only location with open wall patio styles with vistas of the Pitons and the sea. Private plunge pools are offered in each suite, and some even have waterfalls and swings.

Cap Maison

A 4.5-star hotel with 4 critic awards, Cap Maison, is part of Cap Estate. Like the top two hotels, parking and Wi-Fi are free. Cap Maison is known for its 49 Spanish-Caribbean decorated suites and rooms.

The Landings Resort and Spa

Another 4.5-star hotel with 4 critic awards, The Landings Resort and Spa, is located at Gros Islet. The hotel offers apartment-style accommodations. Visitors can enjoy a kitchen, living area, and some rooms have private plunge pools. There is also a beach.

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