Top Things To Do In Saint Lucia


Are you thinking of traveling to Saint Lucia now that travel is reopening around the world? Before you go, you might want to explore what is available on the island for entertainment. Check with each location about their Covid-19 protocols as certain activities are restricted to those who have had their vaccinations.

1. Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park – you can find this historical home overlooking Soufriere bay. Morne Coubaril was built during the 18th century. The grounds contain a mixture of culture, history, and adventure. As a plantation, the owners still grow coconuts, cocoa, and manioc. The tropical gardens offer a view of native island plants. There is also a replica of the traditional village. Guides provide demonstrations on how coconut is processed for food and other products. They also highlight how sugar cane syrup, coffee, manioc, and cocoa are created. Visitors can enjoy a Creole lunch or dinner after their tour.

2. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens – this location has a waterfall, mineral baths, and the Soufriere Estate. The waterfall is unique due to its mineral deposits, which make its way into the mineral hot springs baths built for troops belonging to King Louis XVI. The gardens are mixed in the natural landscape of coconut, mahogany, cocoa, and red cedar trees. The shrubs and flowers are from all over the world, including heliconias, orchids, anthurium, and hibiscus. Educational displays show information on vegetables and fruits native to Saint Lucia, such as soursop, christophine, and dasheen. For a small fee, visitors can enjoy the outside pools or private bathhouses on the estate.

3. Old Mill Restaurant – near the Botanical Gardens, the Old Mill Restaurant offers a Caribbean buffet and a great meal after you tour the Diamond Falls landscape.

These are just three of the top attractions in Saint Lucia you will want to consider when visiting the island.

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