Top Tips For Staying In Saint Lucia During A Pandemic

Top Tips For Staying In Saint Lucia During A Pandemic

Traveling nowadays is something we all must plan carefully. With the pandemic raging in the US, UK, and Europe, taking extra precautions is imperative. There are still many things medical teams do not know about the virus, including how it spreads. But, one thing is clear, checking one’s temperature, requiring a COVID test before travel, and wearing a mask will all help stop the spread and keep an island like Saint Lucia safe. The following tips will help you have a better vacation.

1. COVID-Certified Properties exist and should be used. Akasha is just one resort you can choose that past the COVID certification and ensures their visitors are protected.

2. Plan your vacation around the hotel. Many of the resorts and accommodations offer kitchens and private pools. This way, you get to see the beauty of the island but remain safe within your hotel room.

3. You do not want to go to Saint Lucia without a plan in mind for tours. Many of the tour companies are still operating; however, they do so with reduced numbers and social distancing in mind. There are COVID certified guides you can hire to help you zip line, snorkel, sail, or shop.

4. Lastly, make sure you bring what is allowed on a flight regarding sun protection, bug spray, and hand sanitizer.

You will need to do your part before you fly. Make sure you take a COVID test that will be returned within three days of travel. Monitor your temperature. Buy travel insurance and changeable flights and hotel packages. If you do start feeling symptoms, stay home, and discuss with each provider how you can postpone your trip for a future date. These are unprecedented times that require active planning before a trip to a fantastic island.

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